Who we are

National Data Repository (NDR)

The NDR is the Nigerian Data Center geared at preserving, storing, maintaining the integrity of, and promoting the National Exploration & Production data assets.


The NDR also preserve and maintain the integrity and promote the National E&P data assets with improved quality, efficiency and accessibility in the most rapid, secure and reliable manner

Our four functions

  1. Through our professional integrity and interdisciplinary expertise, we are an adviser to the Department of Petroleum Resources.
  2. We have a national responsibility for the data from the Nigerian continental shelf. Our data, overview and analyses constitute a crucial factual basis on which the activities are founded.
  3. We shall be a driving force for realising the resource potential by emphasising long-term solutions, upside opportunities, economies of scale and joint operations, as well as ensuring that time-critical resources are not lost.
  4. In cooperation with other authorities, we shall ensure comprehensive follow-up of the petroleum activities.

We set frameworks, stipulates regulations and makes decisions in areas where it has been delegated authority.


Main areas

  • Exploration
  • Development and operations
  • Analysis and framework
  • Data management and organisation


Our values

We have four values we utilise in our daily work and want to live up to:

  • Open
  • Engaged
  • Responsible
  • Stand together