NATIONAL DATA REPOSITORY Instant Access to E&P Data From the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry NATIONAL DATA REPOSITORY Seismic Data from the Nigerian Continental Shelf. NDR contains a significant volume of post-stack seismic, velocity and navigation data NATIONAL DATA REPOSITORY Our job is to hold industry Accountable We regulate oil and gas exploration and development activities that take place in the Nigeria offshore area.

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Dashboard for NDR Members to manage account, data prying and a whole lot more.


Public Portal

The public portal to Well and Seismic data is an index to all wells and seismic surveys in the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry

Our Latest Guidelines

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What Exactly does NDR Do?

Preserve, maintain the integrity and promote the National E&P data assets with improved quality, efficiency and accessibility in the most rapid, secure and reliable manner

We Provide Exploration Data

We provide Exploration & Production (E&P) Data for companies in the Oil and Gas Industry


We Provide Seismic Data

Seismic data provide a “time picture” of subsurface structure. For accurate structural analysis, an effort should be made to convert the time data to depth.

Technology Driven

The NDR is equipped with a world class data center and managed by experience professionals


Operational Wells


Seismic Sections


Technical Reports


Geophysical Data

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